Luci in the tree with diamonds

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This is a photo of my youngest son’s cat Luci.  Last year around this time, we were temporarily taking care of her, as he had graduated from college and was looking for work in his chosen field, diesel mechanics. I shot this photo during the time Luci was at our house, a few months before my son moved into his own apartment.

Cat in the Christmas Tree

You may be wondering why, or even how the cat got into our Christmas tree!? I should explain that we already have two cats and two dogs.  When we brought Luci to the house, all was not peaceful, as the other pets were upset that we had an intruder.  The dogs were less obnoxious about Luci’s arrival than the cats. However, we did everything possible to make her feel welcome despite the shenanigans of the other animals!

Luci ended up hanging out in our rather spacious bathroom, with the door closed most of the time. The humans supervised Luci while she wandered around the house.  We had to keep watch on the other cats, as they would often pick fights with her.  Needless to say, when Luci got frightened by one of the other animals, she would scamper away and hide.

In the above photo, she got distressed for whatever reason and scaled the tree, pretty much up through the middle section, and popped her head out amongst the foliage. Remarkably she didn’t knock the tree over.  I thought the scene was too funny not to capture in a photograph.  She’s a pretty good model for selling a Christmas tree, don’t you think? The whole incident was quite entertaining!

Since March of this year, Luci has happily been living in an apartment with my son, without other animals to harass her.  Luci prefers living alone, so it has worked out just fine.

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